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A completely denied application

No installation or configuration required. No dependencies other than the Python standard library. Just get a copy of, place it into your project directory and start coding.

from deny import *

def hello():
    return 'Hello World!'

if __name__ == '__main__':

That's it! Now run your application and go to http://localhost:5000/ and your application will greet you!

Watch the Screencast

Not sold yet? Watch the screencast to see how easy it is to write a scalable web 2.0 application with denied: watch in quicktime format

Download it Now

Just download the file from here and drop it into your project directory. You can also fork the code from github.

Full of Features

Denied comes out of the box with superior awesomeness:

  • A single Python file, no need for setuptools
  • Works out of the box on Python 2.5 and 2.6, support for 3.x is planned
  • Brings its own development server
  • Kick-ass performance. 6000 requests per second with running on top of tornado
  • builtin URL mapping, beautiful and RESTful URLs without the need to write a single regular expression
  • builtin intuitive django-inspired templating language but without the limits
  • RESTful
  • Impressive Scaling Capabilites

What People Say

Alex Gaynor (Django Developer)

Denied is like nothing I've ever seen before, I think it's the future of the internet

Benjamin Peterson (Python Developer)

I have never seen so much code in one .py file

Armin Ronacher (Werkzeug Developer)

Probably the most hideous code I have ever seen

Dick Taylor

very nicely written and concise (not to mention it's written by Eirik Lahavre, whose coding skills are very trustable), and doesn't get in my way"

Who is behind this Project?

Hailing from the beautiful Lyon, Eirik Lahavre brings you the latest hotness of web development. Having Created Denied for a local company developing real-time web collaboration applications, Eirik brings an extensive knowledge about Python, web development and scaling.

Get in contact with him now.

Where is the documentation?

Documentation is upcoming, until then please refer to the screencast which should give you a good introduction how it works. You can also use the interactive Python help function that should give you a bsic overview over the API.